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Our mission

Our aim is to ensure no child goes without and due to your kind support, we will again be helping the Children of Surrey and the South East. This year we are pleased to be working with multiple charities and agencies to reach as many children and young people as we can.

Truly Giving is a registered not-for-profit organisation working with social services, children’s agencies and charities to provide individualised gifts to children and young people in the local area.

How you can help

Depending on your commitment you can*

Give a gift

Give a gift to a child in need


We are always in need of extra help.

Become a Regional Co-ordinator

Want to expand Truly Giving into your local area?

Local businesses

Register as a drop off location, donate or arrange a collection at work

Local Schools

Run a Truly Giving Campaign with your children and parents this Christmas

*All roles are voluntary, unfortunately we can not support paid roles at this time

How does Truly Giving work?


We work with Charities, Agencies and Community Groups in the Regions in which we operate who provide us with the names and suggested gifts for the children they work with.

Gift givers

Donors can select a child to buy a gift for either via the website or by collecting a tag from one of our drop off locations

Gifting guidelines

  • The total value of the gift must be between £20 – £30
  • Gifts must be brand new and in original packaging (including batteries if required)
  • Avoid brands or imagery which may be considered inappropriate
  • For gift vouchers we recommend Amazon or One-For-All

Dropping off

Gifts purchased need to be dropped of at one of our drop off locations in your area, which can be found here

Drop off Guidelines

  • Gifts must be received by the deadline date to allow Santa’s helpers to do their work
  • You can drop off to any location in your region
  • Do not wrap the gift but use a gift bag instead
  • Ensure the reference code is clearly marked on the label
  • Remember, this gift is from Santa, please do not include personal messages

Want to buy and deliver a gift online?  Please see our wish lists for a constantly updated list of gifts the children have requested.

Email communication

By providing your email when choosing a child we can keep you updated on the donations and impact you helped through your act of kindness

Social Media

We use social media to keep you updated with new charities, drop off locations, deadlines and other useful information.  Please like and follow our facebook page

Meet our team

Susie Hayward | Founder and Director

Bio: Susie set up Truly Giving in 2018 after realising there is no budget for Christmas presents for children in care and many children in the UK will go without. Like many mums, she knows the joy Christmas brings to children and parents alike and other families are able to experience this joy, even if just for one day.

Angela Wright | Director

Bio: Angela brings a background in safeguarding, working with Children’s charities , schools and community groups to enrich and support children in need

Sue Medland | Schools Co-ordinator

Bio: Sue has been a supporter of Truly Giving from the beginning. We work with many schools who are keen to run a Truly Giving collection through their school, parents groups and charitable Christmas campaigns. Sue helps schools co-ordinate their donations and collections and provides the materials and support they need to run a successful campaign

Lindsay Allen | Social Media

Bio: Like many organisations we rely on Social Media for up to date communication. Lindsay is passionate about the organisation and working in the Charity sector, we are grateful to have her on board.

Tori Wright | Marketing

Bio: Tori is the talent behind our videos, graphics, posters and the like. She has a degree in media and works for a well know sausage roll retailer!

Regional Co-ordinator

Susie Hayward | Redhill & Reigate

Gloria Begu | Bromley

Hayley Boland | Epsom & Ewell

Nicola Semple | Guildford and Godalming

Grace Toyosi | Woking & Chobham

Juliet Reid | Weybridge

Lauren Clayton | Leatherhead & Ashtead


Simply choose a child, buy a gift and drop it off

Alternatively you can buy a gift from our wish list and we will ensure it reaches the right child

Simply input your email address here and we will provide you with a reminder of your code

You can drop off at any location in your Region see here

Yes, you can drop off to any location in your Region

If you can not buy the gift you wanted to buy, feel free to choose a suitable alternative or perhaps buy a gift voucher instead

Please tell us as early as possible and we can ensure the child still receives their gift.

Please allow time for the gifts you have ordered online to arrive. Tell us as early as possible if you are unable to meet the deadline or perhaps provide a gift voucher instead.

Absolutely! The more the merrier

See how you can volunteer to help the children in your area

The reference code is unique to the child and how we match the right gift to the right child
We only work with registered Charities, Agencies, Community Groups and Women’s refuges who know their children and families. We are in awe of the important work they do day in day out and are happy to help them make Christmas special for the children they work with.
We must protect the confidentiality of the children and will only provide a first name. Unfortunately, due to legal and family sensitivities we can not provide photos of the children receiving their gifts. However, we have provided some testimonials from the organisations we work with and will share what we can on our social media.

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